Our Friends

There have been many friends, supporter's, funders along the way of this innovative venture. Below are a few of those who we would like to say say a very big thank you to:

Graham Brown for helping Young Dorset Yurts work out of his Purbeck Shooting School totally free of charge - what a star Graham and what a brilliant helpful team...thank you so much



Volunteers Ruth and Alan for giving up their sunny weekend and holiday days.....Really helping out with driving, sewing, varnishing, bringing water when its too hot, sense of humour, patience and the naughty occasional KFC!! Thank you so much

Lisa (Trustee) for letting us use your garden and use of your house to make the first Yurt and training thereof.  We hope the grass seed has replenished your lovely garden back to normal and that there's no more muddy boot marks! Also thanks for the meals...yum yum!  Thank you Lisa

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