Talk to us about your needs whether you're a campsite, school, building company or community group

    Purchase a Yurt

Discuss the benefits of purchasing         a Yurt/s for personal, business                  or community use

     Leadership Yurt

Management, Leadership or team building Yurt courses are bespoke and produce amazing results

Corporate & Social Responsibility

CSR Yurts is an amazing way of working with us, your workforce and connecting the community

         Funding a Yurt Project

With the help of our bid experts there are pots of funds to help you access & buy our Yurts

             Community Yurting

We are happy to work with community groups and try to source funding from networks

Food Festival Yurt

Our Yurts are unique and head turning Food & Produce Festival outlets.

Contact us to discuss your needs and opportunities

Weddings and reception party Yurt

Any location for a unique day. We also work with Milton                  Abbey Events and their wedding events

Contact us to discuss your needs and opportunities

                                 More options to use Yurts

     Yurt workshop

Yurts are brilliant workshops with plenty of space for new and existing business of all types



     Yurt Man-cave

The ideal Mancave the Yurt

YDY Yurt Volunteer

YDY also means Why Don't You. So YDY: Volunteer, learn new skills, pass skills on, fundraise & have fun



                                           One other thought

How about working to help build a Yurt house for those less fortunate around the world and at home by building a yurt for those who don't have a home through natural disasters. Come on you could make this happen.....Nepal, UK & more.....get in touch

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